Microsoft moves for explorer

December 20, 2008 at 11:29 am Leave a comment

 Indianapolis – Microsoft says there is a problem with Explorer that could leave users open to theft of important personal information.    They’ve come up with a solution.
For Microsoft users “this is the Microsoft security bulletin summary, the “out of band” patch they released today.”   With on-line Christmas shoppers clicking away, Microsoft announced a chink in it’s protective armor and issued a security patch for Internet explorer users to install right away. Microsoft likes to schedule it’s security updates, monthly downloads to customers computers. But this time they acted fast. It was an emergency.

David Greenberg, a security engineer at IUPUI’s computer lab says “This one was being exploited. Especially once Microsoft announced this vulnerability the bad guys just zeroed in on it.”         Like a parasite, a hacker’s program dug into computers through e-mails and infected web sites “to take over the computer.”    A PC user said “I think that’s what happened when my last computer crashed and I got the new one.” From her workspace at the Abbey, she said she replaced her crippled PC with a Mac just last week. Jackie Landess says “I think it was in part due to some virus on the computer. I don’t know, I have another friend who had a similar problem with hers also the past week.”             “I just heard it on the radio,” said another user. He heard the so called “zero day” attack can threaten computers even without the user making downloads. David Greenberg says “All they would see is that Internet Explorer stopped working. And most people, when that happened, would just double click and start Internet Explorer back up and not even realize that anything bad had happened.”        Campuses like IUPUI are already protecting against the threat, companies too. And your home PC?    Greenberg says “People at home should have automatic updates enabled and if they aren’t enabled their Windows Security Center will alert them and it will tell them to turn it on.”

Then the computer will apply the patch on its own.


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