Project Nepal

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   Project Nepal exists to help educate orphaned and indigent children.  We believe that they are as smart as other children around the world, but lack the resources and opportunities to succeed in education.  Our mission is to bring our community into their community to teach, mentor, and assist their educational progress.

             Project Nepal’s mission is to provide funding and resources for children, most of them orphaned, who are motivated enough to want to attend school. Specifically,we

¨ create sponsorships for their tuition

¨ provide physical resources such as uniforms, books, and even pencils

¨  raise money to convert rooms into classrooms

¨ pay for teachers and supplies,

¨ replace the aged bus that picks them up from four area orphanages and thus

¨ turn disadvantaged children into educational success stories. 

      We seek to live out Mahatma Ghandi’s creed that a society is measured not by how they treat their wealthy citizens, but by how they treat their less fortunate ones.


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